General Information

The TrypsSchool will happen from 19 to 30 of September 2022.

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This SPSAS, focused on two parasites causing two neglected diseases that are endemic in the Americas, Leishmaniasis and Chagas disease, will occur on the campus of the University of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto, Medical School. The SPSAS convey the strong interdisciplinarity needed and employed, bringing together experts from different fields (molecular biology, genetic manipulation, structural biology, metabolism, epigenetics, high-throughput approaches, and drug design).

The program of the SPSAS is organized as follows:

Where? When?

Ribeirão Preto Medical School, University of São Paulo –  Ribeirão Preto –

September 19th- 30th, 2022

Lectures – Plenary conferences;

Fundamentals – Short courses on basic aspects related to the following topics:

  • Genetics of trypanosomatids: organization and regulation of gene expression
  • Biochemistry and Metabolism on trypanosomatids
  • Therapeutics and new venues

Thematic sessions – Workshops led by two PIs who will introduce the topic in 45 minutes. A debate will follow the presentations. The proposed topics are:

  • Genetic tool kit: what can we do?
  • High-throughput approaches and bottlenecks
  • Approaches for drug discovery

Group paper presentation: the attendees will be split into groups in charge of presenting suggested published work in a seminar format.

Flash Talks, Oral and Posters presentations: attendees will present their own work in progress in one or more formats.

Speakers – plenary conferences

Luiz Eugênio de Mello

Jeremy Mottram

Pegine Walrad

Dario Zamboni

Israel Molina

Selma Jerônimo

Jeffrey Shaw

Charles Mowbray (to be confirmed)

Susan Wyllie

Santuza Teixeira

Simona Stäger

Michael Barrett

Maria Carolina Elias

Kevin Read

Ian Gilbert

Mônica Pupo

Julia Cunha

Paul Kaye

General Topics

Leishmaniasis: diagnosis and epidemiology

Chagas Disease and progresses on drug development

Immunogenetics in visceral leishmaniasis

Understanding disease pathogenesis in leishmaniasis

Immunotherapy in leishmaniasis: difficulties and progress

Host-response to parasitic diseases

Large-scale genetic approaches to understanding trypanosomatids

Epigenetics and regulation of gene expression

DNA repair and replication in Trypanosoma cruzi

Chromatin regulation and transcription in trypanosomatids

Contemporary medicinal chemistry strategies

Metabolomic approaches to drug discovery against trypanosomatids

Large-scale drug discovery against trypanosomatids

In vivo pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism

Identifying trypanocidal natural products